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Welcome to Capture 360, your premier destination for innovative NFC technology-based products designed to enhance your business and personal life. At Capture 360, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions including Google and Yelp review cards and stands, digital business cards, pet tags, belongings tags, kids tags, and follow us on social media cards and stands.

Our Mission

Our mission at Capture 360 is to empower individuals and businesses alike with the latest NFC technology, allowing seamless integration into everyday life. We strive to simplify processes and enhance connectivity through our range of products, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every interaction.

Quality and Innovation

At Capture 360, we prioritize quality and innovation in everything we do. Each of our products is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art NFC technology. Whether you're looking to boost your online presence with Google and Yelp review cards, streamline networking with digital business cards, or ensure the safety of your loved ones with our range of tags, we have the solution for you.

Why Choose Capture 360?

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our products are based on NFC technology and Apple MFI certification, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
Enhanced Connectivity: Experience seamless connectivity with our NFC-enabled products, allowing for quick and effortless interactions.
Exceptional Quality: We take pride in delivering products of the highest quality, ensuring durability and longevity with every purchase.
Innovative Solutions: From business essentials to personal accessories, we offer innovative solutions to meet your diverse needs.
Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support every step of the way.

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What is an NFC Reviews Tap Card, and how does it work?


Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout. We run discounts and promotions all year, so stay tuned for exclusive deals.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 2-7 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 days. Delivery details and tracking numbers will be provided in your confirmation email.


NFC Reviews Tap Cards streamline the review collection process, providing a user-friendly and immediate way for customers to share their experiences. This enhances your online reputation, increases customer engagement, and offers a unique and modern approach to gathering feedback.

An NFC (Near Field Communication) Reviews Tap Card is an innovative tool that leverages NFC technology for seamless engagement. Users can tap their NFC-enabled devices on the card to instantly access your review platform, making it effortless for them to share their feedback.

Absolutely! Capture 360 offers customizable options, allowing you to personalize the NFC Reviews Tap Cards with your business logo, colors, and a compelling call-to-action to make a lasting impression. Please contact us for more details and minimum order quantity.

Yes, Capture 360 provides comprehensive analytics, allowing you to track and measure the impact of your NFC Reviews Tap Card strategy. Gain insights into customer engagement, popular times for taps, and more. Please contact us for more information.

Getting started is easy! Visit our website, choose the NFC Reviews Tap Cards and Displays that suit your needs, and follow the simple setup process. Feel free to reach out to our team for assistance or additional information.

Yes, NFC Reviews Tap Cards are compatible with most modern smartphones that support NFC technology. This includes a wide range of Android and iOS devices.

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